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We look after our customers as if they were family and care for their properties as if they were our own. We provide a fresh approach to estate agency, bringing back good manners and values. Urban Village realises the choices our customers have and tailors the service to suit them, keeping the customer in control. We offer an exceptional level of service; promising value for money.

Selling Fee – We charge 1% of the eventual sale price plus VAT (1.2%) We have a no sale no fee policy and no contractual tie ins!

Urban Village is fresh, forward thinking, innovative and flexible. Having worked in estate agency for almost 25 years, the time was right to bring together a ‘dream team’ of the best people in the industry. We are ethical, hardworking and focused on getting the best result for you.

We’re built upon our success, local knowledge, and a vast amount of skill and experience. We know that when you have a property to sell you want to achieve the best price, with the least hassle and excellent communication. It’s not difficult to ‘ace it’ in all these areas if you have the best people in the industry working as a team. This team competes on your behalf for the highest prices, with motivation and enthusiasm, and is backed up by efficient systems and processes.

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It’s a ‘people business’

Buying and selling property is a big deal; there are large sums of money, high expectations and emotions to consider. Afford yourself the luxury of excellent personal care and attention. You may be an experienced seller but consider that the buyer may need to be coached, nurtured and supported through the sale process. Things can go wrong and quickly, we can mitigate and prevent communications breaking down.

We are proud to say that we employ ‘Old School’ selling techniques; knowing our local market and knowing our buyers. We love to put buyers into a property and make them feel special, not lumping a group together on an ‘open day’ or ‘open house’ viewing. Buyers are put off by this high pressured technique; they either walk away feeling that as the successful bidder they’d have to pay ‘over the odds’ or risk getting ‘gazumped’. Not the best way to start a sale transaction!

We don’t simply pop your property on the web portals and wait for the lead to come in to our inboxes; we use our brains and think about who we’ve been out viewing with recently, who would ‘fit’ the property. Actively analysing the click through rates, swapping photos, ensuring good levels of online performance and sharing the results with you. Ultimately we work towards good quality viewings which lead to solid offers and a successful completion. The real work starts when the sale is agreed!

Time on market – the most dramatic affect on your property price and sale-ability!

‘We’re not in any rush’ The instant exposure we get through automatic and instant property email updates and the mass media through the web portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla, mean that getting the price right and pitching to the right audience is critical.  In terms of attracting a buyer and achieving a good price, the first few weeks are the most important. Languishing on the portals at an overpriced, ‘no rush’, ‘testing the market’ level is a sure way to get you into the stale pile of properties which attract the least number of viewings. “How long has it been on the market?” buyers ask. This translates to ‘if no one else wants to buy it by now, it’s obviously not a good buy’. Buyers want to buy ‘hot’ properties. Look at the comparable price evidence we provide, do your own research and pin point your marketing strategy.

No ‘love to hate’

Our employees are sensible, straightforward and honest. Nothing like the stereotypical Estate Agent we all love to hate! We ensure that they’re trained to the highest industry standards and are fully qualified to do the job extremely well. We encourage our sales staff to develop their own selling style; strategising and problem solving to ensure that all decisions are made in the very best interests of our customers.

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