home staging January 9, 2019

5 ways to detox your home for 2019

It’s that time again. The new year, a chance to start over and detox the system - and that starts with the home. 

Did you know that if you detox and declutter your home it not only enhances your own health, but also the value of your property? A well-presented, uncluttered house adds 8% to the price tag. That's another £40,000 on a £500,000 home. We have seen this for ourselves time and again.

Here’s the best way to detox your home in 2019.


Having greenery in the home helps to purify the air, ridding the air of toxins. Plants also add extra polish, warmth and style to your home as well as improve the air quality and your mood. 

Top houseplants to have in the home include: 

  • Snake plant. Also known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue. Releases oxygen at night, helping you to breathe better while sleeping. It is one of the best plants for filtering the air of toxins.
  • The Chinese money plant, aka Pilea peperomioides
  • The fiddle leaf fig such as the Ficus ‘Audrey’ plant, below (which is also harder to kill off).
  • Monstera deliciousa - also known as the Swiss cheese plant.
  • The classic spider plant 
  • Aloe Vera - well known for its healing properties.


The cheapest way to detox the home. And most effective home staging trick there is. Put away family photos, stacks or piles of anything which do not have a proper home; move unloved furniture into loft storage. Try the Marie Kondo method: if the item you are keeping doesn’t ‘spark joy” donate or bin it. All this will make your home immediately a nicer place to live in and more sellable when the time comes.


Sometimes the simplest changes have the most impact. Even rearranging the furniture can make a space seem bigger and brighter. Try moving the sofa to another spot, switching chairs around, taking out bulkier items. It can completely transform a space. Move big items away from windows to allow in more light, reposition side tables and house plants. It will feel like a new room. 


Decor looking a bit tired and sluggish? It needs livening up. Change the fabrics. Store away ratty throws or stained covers, and replace with colourful slip covers. Or chalk paint can cover all manner of sins in worn out old furniture.


If you want a detoxed, streamlined home, you should extend this to the outside. Give it a good tidy up. Sweep up leaves or any garden debris. Hide away ugly plastic or broken furniture/ toys.  Pack away any large, unsightly items into storage as you would in your main home. Anything to make the garden square footage bigger is a plus. It all makes it appear bigger, a big plus to potential buyers.

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5 ways to detox your home for 2019