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Best price Urban Village want you to be confident that you’ve achieved the best price and agreed the sale with a decent buyer, who is going to complete the sale efficiently. We want what you want: excellent results and a good legacy, in order to build our reputation.

To secure the best price we work closely with the priority list buyers, building demand and anticipation before we ‘go live’ with your listing. We’re here to create excitement and attract more viewers on your behalf, making sure the right people see your property at the right time. This will enable us to beat the current market price, making sure you’re delighted with the result.

We’re here to look after your property like it’s the only one we have on our books! You’ll also get a thorough, assertive and dedicated sales professional focused on selling your property.

Urban Village is confident that we can achieve the best price and a no-nonsense sale.

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Our dedicated sales team use sophisticated matching software to ensure your property reaches as many potential buyers as possible. By qualifying the best applicants on our mailing list encourage successful offers and reducing time wasters.

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    We provide flexible service levels to meet the needs of our clients in changing market and economic conditions.

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